Flood Plain Management

To promote the common interest in reducing flood losses and to encourage the protection and enhancement of natural floodplain values...


Tribal Communications and Collaborations

The Floodplain Management Association (FMA) recognizes and respects that severe floods affect Native American lands by threatening sacred Tribal sites, water supply, fish and ecosystems, housing, and the prosperity and safety of people.

FMA recognizes that Native Americans have an important role to play in managing flooding and floodplains on their lands. FMA also strongly supports greater and genuine Tribal representation in the Local, State and Federal decisions that directly impact Tribal floodplains, rivers and the safety of Tribal communities.

In pursuit of greater communication and collaboration with Native American Tribes in California and beyond, FMA hosts Tribal roundtable discussions as part of its Annual Conference facilitated by the Center for Collaborative Policy, California State University Sacramento (CSUS).

If you have questions about Tribal involvement with FMA, please contact Iovanka Todt, FMA Executive Director, at 619-507-0653 or Dorian Fougères, Ph.D., Lead Mediator & Facilitator, Center for Collaborative Policy, CSUS, at (916) 341-3328.

2009 Tribal Roundtable and Workshop

Invitation Letter to Tribal Chairpersons (80K)
Meeting Summary (130K)
Tribal Workshop Workbook (300K)
Mitigation Presentation - Elizabeth Ashby and Sophi Beym (420K)
Panel Presentation - Sara Agahi (2.5MB)
Panel Presentation - Labecca Nessier and Troy Nicolini (3.7MB)
FEMA - Emergency Management Institute (580K)
FEMA - Myths about the National Flood Insurance Program (120K)
FEMA - Rebuilding after Wildfire (140K)
FEMA - What is the National Incident Management System? (400K)
NOAA - Stormready and Tsunamiready Programs (35K)
California DWR - Preseason Flood Coordination Meeting Information (240K)
California DWR - Preseason Flood - Southern California Letter (50K)
California DWR - Tribal Flood Directory Invitation Letter (80K)
California DWR - Flood Directory Personnel Sheets (20K)
FloodSAFE Overview Fact Sheet (900K)
Central Valley Flood Management Planning Program (180K)
How to Get Involved (200K)

2008 Tribal Roundtable and Workshop

Meeting Summary, including Mind Map (240K)
California Water Plan - Tribal Water Summit