Flood Plain Management

To promote the common interest in reducing flood losses and to encourage the protection and enhancement of natural floodplain values...


2011 (Past) Conference Presentations

Archer-Issues With and Sensitivity of Submerged Weir Flow Calculations
Baldwin-Ensuring Better Public Response in Emergency Evacuations
Baldwin-Teetering on the Brink to Model Flood Response in the Delta
Barth-New Regional Skew for California
Beard-Tools You Can Use for Understanding and Communicating Coastal Risk
Carlsen-Dry Floodproofing in Commercial Construction
Cason-Kentucky Risk Communication Toolbox
Chowdhury-Flood Hazard Assessment Challenges
Chung-Improving Synthetic Storm Runoff Hydrographs
Curtis-Chehalis River Flood Warning System
Dacus-The US Army Corps of Engineers' Redundancy, Robustness & Resiliency
Dodd-Statistical Methods Used In Flood Frequency Analysis
Finger-Levee Certification and Mapping Update: The Tijuana River Expired PAL
Gookin-Lake Forest Creek Restoration
Haltiner-Management of Streams in the Joint Fluvial-Tidal Zone
Hathaway-Blurring the Lines
Hegedus-The Failure of a Tailings Dam in Hungary
Hildebrand-Sediment Management in Los Angeles County
Horvath-Importance of Maintenance in Tahoe EIP and TMDL
Jaffe-Channel Forming Discharge and Historical Sediment Transport Analysis
Jorgensen-Advanced Floodplain Modeling Techniques
Kleis-Storm Water Quality and Flood Control
Lobato-Flood Protection for Small Communities in the Delta
Lorenzo-Lee-Flood Risk Notification Program
Lyons-Urban2-D Flow Hydrology in Phoenix, AZ
Marcy-New Mapping Tool and Techniques for Visualizing Sea-Level Rise
Matthies-Combining Coincident Frequency Analysis with Risk Analysis in a Tidal Zone
Mayer-Criteria for Demonstrating Urban Level of Flood Protection
Mayer-Flood Risk Management Activities in California's Central Valley
Metzger-FEMA Initiates the Open Pacific Coast Study
Mobley-Developing a Dam Inundation Database in Region IX
Mraz-DWR's Framework for Investments in Delta Integrated Flood Management
Murbach-Stage Data Corrections for Gage Subsidence
Murphy-Community Produced, RiskMAP-like Datasets for FCD of Maricopa County
Murray-Trees on Levees
Nowlan-Redesigning "Design" Rainfall
Nowlan-Synthesizing Peak Flow Design and Long Term Simulation Hydrology
Oslick-Using an Old Method in a New Way to Model Channels in FLO-2D
Perkins-New & Improved Processes for Issuing Building Permits in a Floodplain
Phillips-Multi-Objective Decision Tool for Flood Control Masterplanning
Pritchard-2D Modeling of the Yuba River and Adjacent Floodplains
Pritchard-Enhancing Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis with GIS
Rowley-An Informative Look at Levee Accreditation in Arid Regions
Saleh-The Necessity for Engineers to Review ALL Hydraulic Models
Samuels-Flood Mapping and the Consequences Assessment Tool Set (CATS)
Schaefer-FEMA's Outreach Tools and Templates
Schaefer-Making Flood Risk Real
Schalk-Mohave Valley RiskMAP
Shapiro-Ten Easy Steps to a FEMA Appeal
Smith-Managing the Impacts of Levee Vegetation on Sacramento River Levees
Spinks-Flood Damage Assessment Using Hazus
Syme-2011 Queensland Floods
Syme-Mapping of Floodways
Tereska-Innovative Two-Dimensional Floodplain Models
Vandever-800 Miles of Field Reconnaissance on a Shoestring Budget
Walker-Hydromodification Management in the San Diego Region
Walker-Regulatory Realities in the San Diego Region
Wegener-Sustainable Funding Strategies through Integrated Planning
Williams-Practical Applications of Risk & Uncertainty Theory in Water Resources
Wright-The Need for Consistency in Levee Inspection in the Delta
Xu-2-D Urban Floodplain Modeling and Economic Loss Estimation