Flood Plain Management

To promote the common interest in reducing flood losses and to encourage the protection and enhancement of natural floodplain values...


Welcome to the
Floodplain Management Association!

Logo-Medium.pngFMA is the premier venue for floodplain management professionals in the United States, with a focus on California, Nevada and Hawaii.

We are the recognized voice in floodplain management and flood hazard reduction in the region, providing an unbiased forum for government, industry, science and communities to coordinate and educate themselves and each other about best practices, legal strategies and disaster control needs at the local, state and regional level.

Our leadership is tasked with connecting policy makers and regulators with scientists, planners, engineers, educators and researchers to develop effective laws, technological solutions, and methods for reducing flood risk and creating sustainable floodplains.

To ensure all stakeholders stay current on each of our important issues, FMA continually develops and presents an ongoing series of symposiums, conferences, and workshops. Each focuses on emerging issues of the day, such as:

-Flood risk management

-Flood warning and forecasting

-Flood system design, operation & maintenance

-Flood hazard mitigation and preparedness

-Floodplain restoration

-Floodplain mapping

-Public/tribal outreach, education & research

-Emergency response


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