Flood Plain Management

To promote the common interest in reducing flood losses and to encourage the protection and enhancement of natural floodplain values...


Documents and References

This page provides links to various documents and sites that may be of interest to floodplain managers in Nevada, Hawaii, and California. If you know of other sites likely to be of interest or useful to floodplain managers, please email your suggestion to .

News Related Publications

NFIP/CRS Update, February 2012 (pdf, 170K)
California Water Plan News, February, 2012 (pdf, 639K)
Silver Jackets Quarterly Newsletter, January 2012 (pdf, 185K)
Levee Safety Connections Newsletter, December 2011 (pdf, 341K)
FEMA New Levee Approach and Public Review Factsheet, December 2011 (pdf, 75K)
Levee Safety Connections Newsletter, September 2011 (pdf, 419K)
California Emergency Function Guidance (pdf, 389K)
NFIP/CRS Special Bulletin (pdf, 157K)
Interim Levee Design Criteria (pdf, 361K)
NFIP CRS Newsletter August-September, 2011 (183K)
Levee Safety Connections Newsletter, June 2011 (458K)
NFIP CRS Newsletter July-August, 2011 (pdf, 204K)
NFIP CRS Newsletter May-June, 2011
California FloodSAFE Newsletter May 2010 (pdf, 1.6Mb)
Floodplain Management and Liability Reporter (pdf, 680K) 2009
Floodplain Management and Liability Reporter 11-09 Issue (pdf, 800k)


San Joaquin County Flood Contingency Mapping FEMA Pilot Project (pdf, 311K) 2/12
NFIP Regional Engineer Assignments by County (pdf, 600K) 3/09
NFIP Regional Planner Assignments by County (pdf, 600K) 3/09
FEMA Insurance Outreach Toolkit for Flood Map Updates

National and State Policy Papers and Presentations

•US Army Corps National Flood Risk Management Program (2 MB, pdf) 7/10
•Gilbert White Presentation (1.4 MB, .pdf) 10/09
•ASFPM-NAFSMA Flood Risk Policy Summit Recommendations (.pdf) 7/07
•Levee Policy Challenges White Paper (.pdf) 4/07
•USACE Levee Certification Authority and Funding Guidance Memo (.pdf) 8/06
•Beyond the Ark: A New Approach to U.S. Floodplain Management (.pdf) 6/93
•Governance, Law and Environmental Management Information (.pdf)
•Water Policy Dialogue, National Water Resources Assoc. (pdf, 650K) 12/08

Programs and Approaches in Floodplain Management

•CA CRS Strategy 3.31.11
•NOLA FMA Presentation 3.31.11
•Local Levee Assistance Program (.pdf) 2/11
•West Sacramento Levee Improvement Program (pdf, 1 MB) 5/2010
•California Floodplain Management Task Force
•California Alluvial Fan Task Force
•Floodplain Management 2003 - State and Local Programs (.pdf)
•FPM 2003 Tables of Data (.pdf)
•Using Multi-Objective Management to Reduce Flood Losses in Your Watershed (.pdf)
•Addressing Your Community's Flood Problems - A Guide for Elected Officials (.pdf)
•The Nation's Response to Flood Disasters: A Historical Account
•NEW Mitigation Success Stories IV and Mitigation Success Stories III
•Sharing the Challenge: Floodplain Management into the 21st Century (pdf, 3MB) 6/94
•National Flood Programs in Review - 2007
•The Nation’s Responses To Flood Disasters: A Historical Account
Floodplain Restoration
•Using Plants to Improve Flood Management (pdf, 1.7 MB)
•Stream Restoration References (.pdf)
•Wetlands Restoration References (.pdf)
•How Urban Landscape Changes Drive Channel Changes (.pdf, 2.5 MB Presentation)
Stormwater Management
California Stormwater Handbook (.pdf) 200k

Flood Mitigation

•San Joaquin County Flood Contigency Mapping FEMA Pilot Project (pdf, 311K) 2/12
•ASFPM BCA White Paper (pdf) 7/07
•ASFPM Pre-Disaster Mitigation White Paper (pdf) 3/06
•Multihazard Mitigation Council - Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves: An Independant Study to Assess the Future Savings from Mitigation Activities (Summary, pdf) 12/05 View the full Report

Climate Change

•Floods May Worsen as the Climate Changes (pdf, 142K), 12/08
•Annual Global Climate Change Report 2008 (pdf, 4MB), 12/08
•Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for California's Water (pdf, 2MB), 10/08
Native American Flood Issues
•Meeting of California Native American Tribes on Flood Issues (pdf, 240K) 9/08
Land Use and Floodplain Management
•California Land Use Handbook: Implementing Flood Legislation (pdf, 891K) 2010
•Mitigating Misery: Land Use and Protection of Property Rights Before The Next Big Flood, 6/08
•Floodplain Planning Guidance - American Planning Association California Chapter (.pdf, 157K) 1/08
•Plan California - The Legislative Platform of the California Chapter of the American Planning Association (.pdf, 107K) 1/08
•Low Impact Development (LID) - Overview by Dr. Timothy Lawrence, U.C. Davis (.pdf, 11 MB)
•Low Impact Development (LID) - Background Information
•San Diego County Low Impact Development Handbook (.pdf) 2007

Flooding, Flood Planning, Standards and Emergency Response

•Flood Risk Notice 2011 (pdf, 1.5MB)
•So, You Live Behind A Levee! ASCE 2009 Order Form (pdf, 600k)
•Levee Failures and Social Vulnerability (pdf, 1.4MB) 8/09
•Recommendations for a National Levee Safety Program (pdf, 1 MB) 6/09
•Using HAZUS For Statewide Risk Assessment (pdf, 2MB) 5/09
•Building Standards Code Update
•California Quick Guide to Floodplain Management (2007) (PDF: 10.4MB)
•New Elevation Certificate and Floodproofing Certificate from FEMA (pdf, 500K) 4/09
•California Building Code Update Presentation by CA DWR (pdf, 800K) 3/09
•San Joaquin Flood Management Perspectives by Mark Connelly (pdf, 4 MB) 2/09
•Non-Structural Flood Proofing Pres. by Clark Frentzen, USACE (pdf, 560K) 1/09
•A California Challenge - Flooding in the Central Valley
•Federal Response to California Wildfires and Rebuilding Afterwards
•U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Web-Based National Economic Development Manual Series
•Associated Programme on Flood Management - Integrated Flood Management, including a "Flood Management Tool" Series.
•Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Assessment and Management Of Flood Risks (.pdf, 85K) 10/07
•The National Levee Challenge: Levees and the FEMA Flood Map Modernization Initiative
•National Flood Policy Challenges Levees: The Double-edged Sword
•Emergency Planning for Dam or Levee Failures in San Mateo County
•FloodSAFE California: Rebuilding the System, Reducing the Risk
•Flood Warnings: Responding to California's Flood Crisis

Funding and Financial Analysis

•Cal EMA Hazard Mitigation Grants (8/09)
•Federal Stimulus Package (3/09)
•California Recovery Act Web Page (3/09)
•California Bond Expenditure Plan: 2007-2008
•Nevada Recovery Act Web Page (3/09)
•Emergency Watershed Protection - Floodplain Easement Acquisition Program (3/09)

No Adverse Impact and Legal Issues

•NAI Toolkit (.pdf - 2 MB) 1/04
•Post-Disaster Reconstruction "Patchwork Quilt" (.pdf) 6/07
•Coastal NAI Handbook 4/07
•No Adverse Impact Case Studies, 2004
•Common Legal Questions About Floodplain Regulations In The Courts
•Legal Questions: Government Liability And No Adverse Impact Floodplain Management
•No Adverse Impact: A Toolkit For Common Sense Floodplain Management, 2003
•No Adverse Impact: As Mayor or County Commissioner, should you worry about your liability in the event of a flood? 2003
•No Adverse Impact Status Report: Helping Communities Implement, 2002
•Property Rights and Community Liability: The Legal Framework for Managing Watershed Development, 2007
•NAI and the Courts - 2007 (.pdf) 11/07
•Professional Liability for Construction in Flood Hazard Areas (.pdf) 9/07
•NAI Community Liability - Watershed Development (.pdf) 5/07
•What the Rapanos - Carabell Wetlands Decisions Mean to Floodplain and Stormwater Managers (.pdf) 10/06
•NAI - Liability for Water Control Structure Failure Due to Flooding (.pdf) 9/06
•Courts Issue Good News for Floodplain Management (.pdf) 8/05
•NAI Case Studies 3/05