Flood Plain Management

To promote the common interest in reducing flood losses and to encourage the protection and enhancement of natural floodplain values...


2011 Conference Presentations by Last Name (click to view or download PDFs):

Archer-Issues With and Sensitivity of Submerged Weir Flow Calculations
Baldwin-Ensuring Better Public Response in Emergency Evacuations
Baldwin-Teetering on the Brink to Model Flood Response in the Delta
Barth-New Regional Skew for California
Beard-Tools You Can Use for Understanding and Communicating Coastal Risk
Carlsen-Dry Floodproofing in Commercial Construction
Cason-Kentucky Risk Communication Toolbox
Chowdhury-Flood Hazard Assessment Challenges
Chung-Improving Synthetic Storm Runoff Hydrographs
Curtis-Chehalis River Flood Warning System
Dacus-The US Army Corps of Engineers' Redundancy, Robustness & Resiliency
Dodd-Statistical Methods Used In Flood Frequency Analysis
Finger-Levee Certification and Mapping Update: The Tijuana River Expired PAL
Gookin-Lake Forest Creek Restoration
Haltiner-Management of Streams in the Joint Fluvial-Tidal Zone
Hathaway-Blurring the Lines
Hegedus-The Failure of a Tailings Dam in Hungary
Hildebrand-Sediment Management in Los Angeles County
Horvath-Importance of Maintenance in Tahoe EIP and TMDL
Jaffe-Channel Forming Discharge and Historical Sediment Transport Analysis
Jorgensen-Advanced Floodplain Modeling Techniques
Kleis-Storm Water Quality and Flood Control
Lobato-Flood Protection for Small Communities in the Delta
Lorenzo-Lee-Flood Risk Notification Program
Lyons-Urban2-D Flow Hydrology in Phoenix, AZ
Marcy-New Mapping Tool and Techniques for Visualizing Sea-Level Rise
Matthies-Combining Coincident Frequency Analysis with Risk Analysis in a Tidal Zone
Mayer-Criteria for Demonstrating Urban Level of Flood Protection
Mayer-Flood Risk Management Activities in California's Central Valley
Metzger-FEMA Initiates the Open Pacific Coast Study
Mobley-Developing a Dam Inundation Database in Region IX
Mraz-DWR's Framework for Investments in Delta Integrated Flood Management
Murbach-Stage Data Corrections for Gage Subsidence
Murphy-Community Produced, RiskMAP-like Datasets for FCD of Maricopa County
Murray-Trees on Levees
Nowlan-Redesigning "Design" Rainfall
Nowlan-Synthesizing Peak Flow Design and Long Term Simulation Hydrology
Oslick-Using an Old Method in a New Way to Model Channels in FLO-2D
Perkins-New & Improved Processes for Issuing Building Permits in a Floodplain
Phillips-Multi-Objective Decision Tool for Flood Control Masterplanning
Pritchard-2D Modeling of the Yuba River and Adjacent Floodplains
Pritchard-Enhancing Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis with GIS
Rowley-An Informative Look at Levee Accreditation in Arid Regions
Saleh-The Necessity for Engineers to Review ALL Hydraulic Models
Samuels-Flood Mapping and the Consequences Assessment Tool Set (CATS)
Schaefer-FEMA's Outreach Tools and Templates
Schaefer-Making Flood Risk Real
Schalk-Mohave Valley RiskMAP
Shapiro-Ten Easy Steps to a FEMA Appeal
Smith-Managing the Impacts of Levee Vegetation on Sacramento River Levees
Spinks-Flood Damage Assessment Using Hazus
Syme-2011 Queensland Floods
Syme-Mapping of Floodways
Tereska-Innovative Two-Dimensional Floodplain Models
Vandever-800 Miles of Field Reconnaissance on a Shoestring Budget
Walker-Hydromodification Management in the San Diego Region
Walker-Regulatory Realities in the San Diego Region
Wegener-Sustainable Funding Strategies through Integrated Planning
Williams-Practical Applications of Risk & Uncertainty Theory in Water Resources
Wright-The Need for Consistency in Levee Inspection in the Delta
Xu-2-D Urban Floodplain Modeling and Economic Loss Estimation